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    Online Gamer and Chatter’s Chaos


    by jzean ·

    Greetings to all WiSeMeN:

    My problem is that..when chatter and online gamer get online at the same time…most chatter viewed video clipings and listen musics online. This causes online gamers to slow down or what we call it here in the Philippines “LAG”. Online game is really affected because it slowed down everytime video and music is accessed from the Internet. I am using a D-Link switch 16 ports with router and DSL for my internet connection.

    Please any knowledge that will solve this little uncomfort in my small business will be my great pleasure and might extend friendship between my chatters and my online gamers.

    I’m using Windows XP Prof in my system…


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      by jamhussla ·

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      What kind of D-Link switch is this (Managed or Unmanaged)? Send the model number. Anyway, take out the router (u don’t need it) and run all cables to the switch. If it’s an unmanaged switch u should be ok from now on.

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      Reply To: Online Gamer and Chatter’s Chaos

      by foiled ·

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      You have two options. One is to increase your bandwidth to allow more info to flow through your internet connection. Your second option is to throttle back the allowable bandwith to support the video downloads. Of course this would lead to complaints about the slowness of the video connection.

      Option 1 will increase your costs but keep all customers happy.

      Good Luck

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