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    online games


    by romaxa200320 ·

    why are online games so popular?

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      Re: popular games

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to online games

      It’s not only on phones and tablets, it’s just as well onPC’s/laptops (the gaming variety) and the gaming devices like the Playstation or the Xbox.

      And those are popular because it’s the primary purpose of the game design to be attractive, so they are sold well.

      In another post, you wrote you like online games yourself. Can you explain why?

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        Digital era impacting life

        by soberonerikin ·

        In reply to Re: popular games

        I you are thinking about why online games are so popular then keep in mind you are living in digital world. They often love to do smart work and play online games. I also do the same to relief my stress.

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      Why are you wondering ?

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to online games

      I don’t understand the need to ask the original question. Is there a point ?

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      mobile app

      by varundev1441 ·

      In reply to online games

      this is totally depend your choice, there are many game app in mobile like BGMI, cod,angry bird, candy crush etc,

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