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    online IT training comparison


    by jeyltd ·

    Hi all,
    Is there a peer review service for companies offering online training?
    trying to gauge where to throw my money…
    thanx for your time,

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      by jeyltd ·

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      What type?

      by fred123456 ·

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      Their are quite a few options, including online college courses or just tech type classes.

      Plus Microsoft has some really great FREE online training for most of their apps, servers, and Operating systems.

      Such as;


      And the general learning page

      But I have yet to see a service that provided reviews for online training sites.

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        re: What type?

        by jeyltd ·

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        thanks for your reply LED_IT, tech type stuff (of course!) <:)) specifically : lan/wan focus on security issues, and renewing previous certs. ...thinking ccna track w/above focus. cbtdirect lla is offering a very comprehensive access to their entire content (based on previous dealings). thanks again for your time. jey

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          My opinion…

          by senrats ·

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          I like the CBT Nuggets, but the problem with them are they only show video. I have used (and really enjoy) the Testout series. I used them when studying for my MCSE. In the Testout you get Videos, White boards, Practice Tests, and Simulators all mixed in! It’s hard for me to just watch a video, might be because of my ADD 🙂

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          Cost of MCSE

          by mpace ·

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          Just curious, but what is the price of the indiviual tests needed for the MCSE?


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      Re: online IT training comparison

      by kpfreelance ·

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      I would highly recommend (out of Vancouver, B.C.) for any Microsoft training (they have audio and pretty good hands-on interactive simulations). They also have Unix, HTML & Web devloper courses but for now these are fairly
      non-interactive static web pages.

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      throw the money over here

      by triathlete1981 ·

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      i’ll provide on-site training.

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      regarding IT training

      by lavi_ash ·

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      Hi Jey
      This is Suri from SriLavi online Trainers. They provide good stuff for SAP BI/BW.

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