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By lumpus ·
I'm contemplating taking some online courses specifically in the area of graphic design [macromedia software -flash, dreamweaver, director etc.]

I was wondering if anyone had taken these courses and could give me their opinion.

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Online Learning

by mrcursor In reply to Online Learning

Distance learning is still a very new field. Most online courses will teach you the basic principles but what you really need is ones that give progress tests.

This way the information you learn is not just repeating the lesson given. Anyone canparrot what they see when its explained to you. But a course that tests you throughout by making you do the tasks at hand (in your case graphics, etc.) of your own conception is what you are looking for.

An example would be that if the course teaches you how to animate graphics of a dog jumping, then you repeat the same task, you are not really learning what to do. Only following instruction. Whereas if the progress test has you import your own graphics, and do a new animation. Then tests your coding and scores you by that, then you can go out into the REAL world and code just about anything.

Make sure whatever classes online work out these projects or labs to make sure that you have practical knowledge of what you are learning. If all you do is repeat what they do, then you are not going to have usable experience. Anyone can cut and paste a code that already works. But it takes someone with knowledge to create a totally new code.

So watch what they are giving you and ask questions!

Mister Cursor_

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