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When people get in a car, often a new character comes over them. Some become aggressive, fist shaking, wild drivers. George Carlin, the comedian, quipped the degree to which a person is a jerk (politely put) is directly proportional to the get-a-way factor.

Likewise, online personalities become wild and elements of peoples egos that are normally suppressed become accentuated online. There is also the problem of communication in writings as facial expression and other body language normally observed are removed from online conversations.

What kind of personalities have you seen? What is the worst you have seen? What is the best you have seen?

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Too many

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to ONLINE PERSONALITIES
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by XEntity In reply to Too many

Waz up with that? Is this not a place of idea exchange?

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Well one of the ways of getting round

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to NOSEY?

the lack of facial expression when communicating in this medium is to use one of these. .

The one above is called grin and is used to show you are not hassling someone.

So you might try responding with this one :8} called blush and used for oh sorry I misunderstood you.

Or this one ? called confused if you still don't get it.

As for on line personalities. I'm a well known stroppy c*nt, I know this because some people respond to me with things like "You are a stroppy c*nt"

I'm OK with this because people respond exactly the same way face to face as well. ]:)

Edited because I mistyped ]:)

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As a PS

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Well one of the ways of g ...

posting in upper case is called SHOUTING.

People will ascribe a personality characteristic to you if you do it a lot.

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As a PPS

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to As a PS

Your alias can also be indicative. Yours says I don't give a F... what you think !

Mine's a bit more neutral.

Perhaps I should change it to IrritatingGit or something.

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But, would'nt that be misleading?

by deepsand In reply to As a PPS

Irritating? Show me the proof.

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I don't even know what "stroppy" means

by DMambo In reply to Well one of the ways of g ...

but I agree 100%

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Mambo, here's a TonyTranslation aid

by neilb@uk In reply to I don't even know what "s ...

It won't help so much if he goes into Full-On Tyke Mode but should assist you in translating him and Gadget - and me, I suppose - when we lapse into British English. Actually, if Gadget morphs into Geordie Mode, you're buggered anyway just the same.

You'll find 'stroppy' between 'strop' and 'strum'.


p.s. I hope in jd's fantasy (I worry about that boy) that you were calling me a wretch rather than having GG retch at the sight of me...

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As the saying goes...

by DMambo In reply to Mambo, here's a TonyTrans ...
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by deepsand In reply to Mambo, here's a TonyTrans ...

It's now bookmarked, in my Reference sub-directory/folder.

Perhaps now I'll have an easier time with the London Times Sunday crossword puzzles.

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