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By Maevinn ·
Do you worry about your online reputation? Clearly, with more and more employers checking places like MySpace on prospective employees, we all have to be wary about our electronic 'face', so to speak. Do you conceal your real identity? Do you worry what others, particularly somewhere like TR, think of you?

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In today's world

by Old Guy In reply to Online Reputation

what you say or do on-line can come back to haunt you. I just saw that happen this week.

The Internet, and forums like TR even, is somewhat annonymous to an extent and that does give some people the ability to create a totally different persona. You can never be completely certain of what a person is really like from what is written, such as, in these discussions.

However, you asked if I ("you") worry about my online reputation. I do not. I learned a long time ago to not say or do anything that you wouldn't want printed or repeated. That goes for me on-line as well. Quite frankly, my thoughts and ideas that I post here is who I really am. I believe in what I say (type) or I don't say it. It's kind of like "what you see (read) is what you get" from me.

I am concerned of what people think of me. There are times when I may say the wrong thing or not come across correctly and I try to make sure I get it corrected. I don't want anyone to think badly of me. There are some folks, even here in TR land, that probably don't like me but more than likely the few who do not usually come across as idiots to everyone else as well. With someone like that, I don't really care what they think. But, for anyone who is willing to listen and discuss things openly, maturely, and civilly then I do want to make sure that they completely understand my point.

In essence, I don't leave anything on the web, in any way, that can be harmful to me. So, no, I don't "worry" about my online reputation.

It is something more people might need to think about though.

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I'm with OG,

by Jaqui In reply to In today's world

I'm the same person in a face to face conversation as online.

for pretty much the same reasons.

do I worry about my online rep affecting my r/t life?
nope, cause I'm me, and people that know me r/t aren't supprised by my comments online.
in any of the areas I comment in. ]:)
I have made similar comments to my more antagonistic ones here right to people's faces, and been directing the insulting nature of the comments at them.
[ yes, this includes people who are paying me ]

I have noticed that while the blunt honesty and being opinionated don't really help in some ways, the respect you get for them pays off huge in other ways.

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I'm with you OG

by BlueKnight In reply to In today's world

Anything I post online is either based on my 39+ years of IT expertise (yep, another old guy), or my personal thoughts, depending on the forum -- though they do get intermingled in some threads though.

Since I am either giving my professional opinion, recommendation etc., or making a personal observation/comment online, I don't worry at all about what people think about me. My conduct online is what you'd encounter face-to-face -WYSIWYG.

I'm sure there may be a few out there that may disagree with me, but I've never given anyone any reason to dislike me on a personal level (though there are some people who can't make the distinction). Besides, when you get involved in law enforcement, what people call you has no effect, I've heard almost all of it.

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Mavyn, I posted

by Old Guy In reply to Online Reputation

while you were editing your. I don't think they can move it. But you can create a new post in General topics and put this URL into it so people might see it at both places. Actually, I would put it in Miscellaneous.

Every once in awhile something is put in the wrong section but don't worry about it too much.

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by Maevinn In reply to Mavyn, I posted

I suspect I wasn't paying attention to where I was when I clicked the button to start a new thread. :) My goof.

On a side note--I do a double take every time I see someone refer to you as OG. My user name on several aquariast forums is OrionGirl.

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Well, in this case

by Old Guy In reply to Thanks

the OG really does mean Old Guy. I've worked hard to get this old. :^0

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I worked at it too.

by NickNielsen In reply to Well, in this case

But it took time...

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I don't really care

by mjd420nova In reply to Online Reputation

I learned long ago and tried to teach my children the basics of being online. They are to never reveal your true name, address, phone number, social security number, drivers licence number, or location of birth, or any of those numbers or info of any other person you know, friend or enemy. If that information is guarded then no one can track anything you say or do online back to you. There are those exceptions when it comes to your ISP as they have access to you at all times and realy know who you are. I do not and never will use a credit card or banking information online, as I do not know who may have hacked into any of those businesses or intercepted said information. One must understand that we are always being judged by those who wish to make those determinations by what they read, observe and perceive by online postings. LET THEM! What I post here in TR is based on true life experiences and never reveal who I work for, and the customers I serve. Most all of that info is general in nature and someone who knows me and reads my posts could surely deduce my identity just from my screen name, but would not be positive without asking me directly in person and I would hope that they would abide by the rules I follow. Before I would allow any of my children to go online, I drilled these rules into them so they wouldn't be subjected to any of the scams that can be perpetrated by others who would use this info against them. All of the children are grown now and I like to think they know the proper way to do things online and that they will pass this onto their children too. It may sound a bit hard line for those who really don't care, but just one violation of their info and I'm sure they would see the logic. I have chosen my screen name carefully, and use it everywhere I go online, be it MSNBC, ZDNET or where ever. I can not imagine having to have a list of user names posted by my machine that I have to consult each site I go to. My life is complicated enough, I don't need that hassle too. There will always be others who will seek to belittle others as a way to demonstrate their superiority to themselves. Doing so may make them feel good, but will only serve to seperate themselves from others and reveal their true nature to those who read their postings. If you feel good about yourself, it will be very apparent in your manner and words and the reverse is true also. Beware, you are being judged by others with every post you make, good or bad. Is that a reason to create an online personna that masks who you are and what you believe?? NO, but if it makes you feel better, knock yourself out.
I was taught by my father that there are two things that everyone has,
1. A butthole
2. An opinion
Your job is to determine which one they are exercising..
This has been true in my life and has guided me to many correct decisions that affected my life. Knowing that has helped me to really understand people and their decisions in life.

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Online World vs Meat World

by jmgarvin In reply to Online Reputation

I tend to act the same way in the online world as I do in the real world. I can be a genius, a moron, and everything in between.

The only problem is that sometimes in the online world you lose that little something je ne sais pas.

I'd have no problem with someone searching my postings and asking me about them. I'd be more than willing to even give them user names (like I hide my name).

My take on it is this:
Most people are mature enough to act properly in the online world...I think this problem only is really in the younger folks and those that have no concept of empathy.

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of course this can come back to bite you

by jdclyde In reply to Online Reputation

If you say stupid things, it will come back.

If you say things that are outside of what you would have the courage to say in the real world, you are a fake and pretty much deserve whatever happens to you. The exception to the rule is politics and religion. There are some people (mostly from a more liberal persuasion) that would be very against if you were to voice an opinion contrary to theirs. If you are logical and support your statements, you are twice as dangerous.

The best bet is to keep yourself in check with what you say and do, as well as what you post. Why burn a bridge that you haven't even gotten to yet?

There is nothing I have posted here that I don't say in face-to-face discussions, but I still conceal the identity because of other issues. Hiding behind a nick name works for me! Sure, there are a handful that know who I am and have been scared wittless by being exposed to pics of me but the real name and location is not general knowledge. (yes, fully clothed. Said scared, not horrified! ).

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