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    Online user friendly calendar


    by aldanatech ·

    I must create a calendar to track events a web site. That shouldn’t be too hard but the catch is that it should be user-friendly enough for someone with very low IT skills to update and manage. Maybe incorporating some web-based calendar would do but I was already advised that I should stay away from that at all cost. Any ideas on how I can pull this off?

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      more info

      by apotheon ·

      In reply to Online user friendly calendar

      I’m not entirely sure what you’re looking for. With more information, I might be able to make recommendations.

      Some things to look into, depending on what you’re looking to achieve, might include content management systems like PHP-Nuke (which has a calendar “module” that can incorporate a calendar-like feature into the website), scheduling software like remind (as far as I’m aware, it’s unix/Linux-only), or desktop iCalendar-compatible calendars like the Mozilla Calendar (compatible with Firefox, among other things), Sunbird (Mozilla Calendar as a stand-alone application), and more heavy-duty mail-integrated client applications like Remail, Chandler, and even Outlook (if you’re a masochist). There will also be a Thunderbird-integrated entry into that last category when the Lightning project finally reaches somethign approaching adolescence, but it’s not available yet.

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      by randall.roberts ·

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      Check out
      There are a number of javascript calendars that can be adapted to individual needs with a little bit of coding.

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      Try (free)

      by bschaettle ·

      In reply to Online user friendly calendar

      I noticed that your profile says “Education.”
      My son’s high school band director posts their event calendar at Localendar, which is a free calendar service.

      You can check it out at

      Once your calendar is set up, you can link to it from your site.

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