Only left channel sound from sound card?

By zack247 ·
I recently installed a Creative AudioPCI ES1371 sound card, i had it in another pc and i never had any problems with it, but when i put it in my new one only the left channel is working. Any ideas as to why? the older computer ran windows xp, and my new one runs windows 7. it installed the drivers via the preconfigured drivers folder, is that why it isn't working right?

there is sound coming from my right channel, but compared to the left channel you cant even hear it. should i pull out the card and check the solder points for shorts?
What could be wrong? is it the drivers or the card itself?

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I forgot to mention...

by zack247 In reply to Only left channel sound f ...

i tried it with headphones and the right channel audio is there but its a lot quieter than the left channel. on 8ohm speakers it sounds as if its not there. should i just get a new sound card instead?

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Is it possible

by Michael Jay In reply to I forgot to mention...

to put the card back in the XP unit and see if it still works there now?

That could answer the question if it is the card or not.

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"Into", Michael

by santeewelding In reply to Is it possible

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We all do "in", as well as, "into", as though through a door. Pays to know the difference, I think.

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I think

by AnsuGisalas In reply to "Into", Michael

that particular windmill took the field between one and eight centuries ago...

Typologically too, it is a commonplace for languages to conflate illative and inessive, compared to elative - see, latin does it too: "in-coming" and "in-being" but "outcoming" (an assimilation process makes in+lative to be illative, the x of ex-lative disappearing is due to phonesthetics I guess).

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Buzz off

by santeewelding In reply to I think

I be talking about a guy we knew and appreciated who blew his brains out.

Your input, while appreciated in its place, has at this point, no place.


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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Buzz off

an inheritance. Thank you for sharing.

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is there...

by zack247 In reply to Is it possible

any way i can set the sound options to play in mono so that i can just hook the speakers all up to one channel of audio?

btw after double checking, it is in fact the card, and i made a mistake, while i was double checking, i noticed it is the LEFT channel audio that wasn't working, i have the speakers wired up backwards so i didn't know what was what.

but back to the main question:
can i set the audio settings so that the sound is played in mono and not stereo? or should i just go get a new sound card?

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You would have to dig into

by Michael Jay In reply to is there...

your own sound settings to find if you can set it to mono. On this XP unit, here I cannot set for mono.

I would say that the card itself is your problem, the left channel is not putting out and you are just hearing a bleed-thru from the right.

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so should I..

by zack247 In reply to You would have to dig int ...

just get a different card then?
i have a friend that has a bunch of sound cards, i'll see if he has one i can use.

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Yes if you can

by Michael Jay In reply to so should I..

and one that has Win 7 specific drivers would be the best choice.

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