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Only one dial per boot?

By Mike (from Canada) ·
This is CRAZY!

When my computer loads windows, everything is ok. So I try to get my modem to dial to the internet once. Then I get a busy signal. So I wait a bit and then try dialing again. Now this time the THE OS CANT DETECT THE MODEM. I find that strange. I even pressed ALT+CTRL+DEL to remove rnaapp and the same thing STILL happens. I tried to replace the modem drivers and that wont work. When I restart the computer, and try to dial, it WORKS!

can you tell me how I can make it so I candial an unlimited number of times in Windows? This has never happened before.

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Only one dial per boot?

by TheChas In reply to Only one dial per boot?

I have had instances myself where a specific modem / driver combination would not work in a PC.

Check that Windows hasn't double installed the modem.

Check that you have the latest driver for the modem and your OS.

Consider a modem with a different mfg of chipset.
I have had MBs where I could not get PC-Tel based modems to function. And others that did not like Lucent based modems.
Since I had other modems on hand, I just swapped them.

Another option, would be to move the modem to a different slot.

If the modem has been working, and there have been no hardware changes, it is possible that the modem took a voltage spike on the phone line, and is just on the edge of total failure.

It can take months for a non-catastophiclightning strike to show up as a failure.

Oh, also check for damaged phone lines. I have seen some strange problems from frayed phone lines. It may not be the phone cord to the modem itself, but the cord on an extension.

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Only one dial per boot?

by Mike (from Canada) In reply to Only one dial per boot?

I already have the updated driver. and it can dial ONCE per boot so it cant be lightning, and when I made it go through tests, it works fine, and when I am connected to the internet with it, it works. The only problem is that I cant dial with it more than once. anyways, I fixed the problem by switching from win98 to win 95.

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Only one dial per boot?

by Mike (from Canada) In reply to Only one dial per boot?

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