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Only one profile in win2k professional

By MelissaBCN ·
I manage over 40 laptops that have win2K pro OS.
Since my users travel constantly and have to connect to different networks, they keep on creating brand new profiles, without their outlook, IE, etc., settings. It is starting to be a REAL BIG problem.
Can anyone tell me how to FORCE a unique profile or how to redirect ANY new user on a laptop to a determined profile in win2K pro?

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Post to Win2000

by Oz_Media In reply to Only one profile in win2k ...

This Question is best suited for the Question and Answer forum (Q&A's) under the subheading WIN2000.
You will get more responses and more accurate information there.
Good luck,

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Default User

by The Young One In reply to Only one profile in win2k ...

What you are asking then is How Do I make any new user on the computer get the same settings?

Here's how u do it.

1. Create a Brand New Administrator on the Local Machine called DEFUSER (DEFAULT USER) and set the password as something cryptic that you can remember (security purposes, remember this user is a local admin).

2. Log on as this user.

3. When the shell has loaded, set up everything in the profile that you want, eg. "Empty Temporary Internet Files on Exit" in Internet Explorer.

4. Get rid of absolutely everything that drives users nuts, eg. Office Assistant, share toolbars on one row in Office etc...

5. If there is only one user on the computer, set the Outlook settings too. If more than one, don't even open Outlook (will stuff up the profile patching from Username to Mailbox).

6. When you are happy with it, restart the machine so that any changes that haven't applied yet will apply.

7. Log on as the user and make sure it is exactly how you want it.8. Log off DefUser and log on as the normal local admin account.

9. Go to System Properties and Click the advanced tab

10. Click Settings under the User Profiles heading

11. Left click on the account:

12. Click Copy to

13. You will need to have hidden files and folders turned on for this part.

14. Browse to:
C:\Documents and Settings\Default User

15. Click OK and ensure the path is shown as above

16. In the permitted to use, click CHANGE

17. Don't bother changing the location for the users, just type in the word Everyone and it should underline it when it is ok.

18. Click OK.

19. Congrats, you have now set up all of the Default Settings for this machine.

20. To test this, clear your local admin profile and log on will get all your settings you just made.


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I?ve done it

by melissalou In reply to Default User

I?ve done this already but it creates one same default user for any NEW user that enters the machine.
What I want is to have the same outlook, IE favourites (example), documents, wallpaper, etc... that my main user profile has.
IT is the same userwith a 1 year old profile customized and I want to have this SAME profile, for everytime he HAS to connect to a different network. I have the connection part covered with multinetwork manager.

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