Only one VPN connection at a time

By ashleypursglove ·

I have set up a vpn to windows server 2003.

The VPN connects fine for each client but for some reason, as soon as one client is connected, no others can connect and recieve a 720 error.

I have read a few posts on the interenet that suggest this could be an issue with the firewall only allowing one VPN connection through at a time.

Please could someone give me some advice on how to confirm if this is the issue or not or if I have something configured incorrectly.

Kind Regards


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What flavor of Windows 2003?

by robo_dev In reply to Only one VPN connection a ...

Windows Server 2003, Web Edition, can accept only one VPN connection at a time.

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Standard Edition

by ashleypursglove In reply to What flavor of Windows 20 ...


Thanks for the response.

Using standard edition.



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DHCP enabled? Simultaneous connection setting greater than 1 ?

by robo_dev In reply to Standard Edition
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Answers for robo

by ashleypursglove In reply to DHCP enabled? Simultaneou ...

Hi Robo,

Thanks again for the help.

DHCP is not enabled as i found that when It was no client could connect. I have manual IP in operation with 100 ips available.

Yes I have more than one simultaneous connection set up as described in that post. I have 128 pptp ports.

Also one thing to note, when setting up RRAS I had to go through custom setup as the server only has one NIC.



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Ummm, I am pretty sure that is the issue

by robo_dev In reply to Answers for robo

Since the server, by default, creates two separate and distinct networks, the internal and external network, I am not entirely sure it will work with only one physical interface.

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split tunneling

by CG IT In reply to Ummm, I am pretty sure th ...

but it's not recommended in any senario.

the easiest is simply stick another network card in the server. The server is going to act as a router in any senario, so seperate network cards is the easiest way to use Windows server as a VPN server.

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