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Only some keys work on bluetooth keyboard

By aimanmustafa ·
Tags: Hardware
Hi all. I got back my Macally keyboard from a friend who used it for about a month without any issues.

When I tried using it on my setup I notice that it behaves oddly. It hooks up to my laptop (ext monitor+wireless mouse) fine, but only some keys are working. This means I am able to press some but not all letters and numbers.

A random check suggested this may have something to do with mouse keys in accessibility but turning that on/off hasn't helped.

My friend uses a Mac Air (older model) like me. Their OS version is older (10.12) than mine (10.14). They reported no issues with typing. The other difference was that they use a regular wired mouse, while I have a Logitech trackball mouse. Not sure if this has messed up things.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Time to check another keyboard

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Only some keys work on bl ...

You don't mention which keys do not function, an important clue.
There is really no difference between a BT keyboard and a Wired keyboard, they are both constructed the same, just the interface is different.
Key connections are usually laid out for efficiency with multiple keys using the same track back to the interface. If the track goes back, water/coke/7Up/etc.maybe, a bunch of keys start to misbehave.
It's almost certainly nothing to do with your computer and its BT connection, it is only repeating what it receives from the keyboard.

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I did drop a little water

by aimanmustafa In reply to Time to check another key ...

months ago but it has worked fine so far. Btw, this is nearly 7 years old and has recently seen a lot of exposure to fine dust. Can this create damage?

The keys not working are:
e i o p q r u w
7 8 9 + (these are on the numpad. the ones above the qwerty row work fine)

Do I need a new KB?

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As to the last question. Only if you need those keys?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I did drop a little water

Sometimes folk find it hard to accept when things die like that.

You need to test it on something else. My Android phone and tablet seems to work with Bluetooth keyboards so try that.

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That's basically the top row on both sides,

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to I did drop a little water

My previous comments, and those of Bob, still stand.

Test, and if not successful, replace


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Have to agree with Peter.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Only some keys work on bl ...

Time to test with another keyboard.

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I will soon

by aimanmustafa In reply to Have to agree with Peter.

What does the pattern in which the keys are not working suggest?

As of now, would you say this is likely an irreparable issue?


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The pattern suggests that the keyboard

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to I will soon

is currently doing double duty, first as a pathetic keyboard and the second as a paperweight.
The keyboard is not repairable, at least not by you, and would probably cost more in time/labor than it would to just replace the keyboard.

Did you test with another keyboard yet?


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