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Oooold way of conducting Software Engineer interviews (dev, test,...)

By harpatel ·
I often meet practitioner saying, i learnt more and different things in one month while on project then in 4years of Engineering. Obvious pointer to outdated ways of teaching methodologies and curriculum.
I feel same with interviews of Software Engineers (freshers or experienced)... all starts with tell me about yourselves (despite reading it all in resume!!), more about projects done, problem solving etc. Do you think these freely inherited ways of conducting is correct way or there can be dramatically different way to evaluate candidate for best fitment to job? (thinkig aloud here, say expecting 20% new inducts contribution to innovations/patents, 20% should fall in category of followers, 20% should take lead in things and get things done, 20% should be ready to slog and so on...)

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"Tell me about..."

by santeewelding In reply to Oooold way of conducting ...

Asked, no matter the answer, to hear you in real time, much as you reveal yourself here.

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That's obvious???

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Oooold way of conducting ...

Why on earth do you think academia could turn out people that already knew what they needed to know. It is I'll admit sucessful at turning out people who think they do...
Academia is either years behind or years in front on the real world.
Even a 2 year degree is basically three years out of date, some businesess are using tech and the methods and processes that go with it that are a decade or more out of fashion.
And academia still tends to skip over the basics as agiven (e.g. good names, IT is people, lifecycles, Murphy's law)
What did you learn when you did X is a good question. If the answer is nowt, (quite possibly valid given we are employed for what we can do not what we could do), demand an explanation immeditately.
To me every day is learning experience if I don't pick up something new, it was wasted.
All else comes after.

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