ooVoo: good or bad?

By Sareborn ·
We have recently had some users asking (or to the point, demanding) that we get the program ooVoo installed on computers at our work place. The potential for it to work and it being free sounds nice as they would be using it to make conference calls and such across the country. My only question is, has anyone noticed substantial security risks or anything that would make you want to keep the program off your network?

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CNET seems to think it is pretty good.

by seanferd In reply to ooVoo: good or bad?
Editor's review, user reviews and votes.

Seems a wee bit pricey, though.
Unless you can manage to keep on the "free" side of it.

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No one answered?

by qatestbrian In reply to ooVoo: good or bad?

Hey Sareborn,

Did you ever get any information about this site? I am looking at loading it, but don't want to annhialate my laptop if this is a funnel for spyware, viruses, etc. If you have any information, I would love to hear what you found out.


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