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Open BSD Founder Decries Entitlement Open Source Culture

By BFilmFan ·
I thought the "free" concept was what ran the Linux world. I see from the statement made by Theo de Raadt, the founder and lead developer of OpenBSD that this isn't correct.

"The culture of entitlement is starting to damage the open source community."

Read the story at

Guess that is why evil Bill and his other denizens of villany sell that Redmond product huh?

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by Jaqui In reply to Open BSD Founder Decries ...

I think is is more attributable to the user unfriendly installer that all the bsd systems use.

People complain it's hard to install linux, yet the bsds are far more difficult to install.
more end user friendliness in the bsds and more support for end user devices [ multimedia toys, like high end graphics cards, digital camera etc. ] would get a broader community where they could get the donations from individuals to at least break even.

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OpenBSD isn't that difficult to install

by Joe McTroll In reply to Actually

I actually use it (although on VMWare) from time to time. Difficult to configure, yes, but install is not that difficult nor user-unfriendly!!! I remember someone told me once he found Ubuntu's install "non-user-friendly" because it was text-based instead of graphics-based...

What really hurts OpenBSD is Theo's attitudes (which alienate a lot of potential collaborators) and their decision not to put CD ISO's for free at the site for people to download them, burn their own CD and try OpenBSD...

I did use the FTP route, too, but I find it waaay too cumbersome to fiddle with a new OS... They need to grow their market share, EVERY other BSD unix out there (except proprietaries, of course) let's people download easily ISO's to encourage them to try it... only O-BSD tries to force you to "pay first". And if FTP sites are down or the net is slow... **** to it, most people simply won't go the FTP way.

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by Jaqui In reply to OpenBSD isn't that diffic ...

is a slow transfer method.
the http protocol is usually about 4 times as fast for iso images.

"I remember someone told me once he found Ubuntu's install "non-user-friendly" because it was text-based instead of graphics-based..."

That applies to the bd installer, debians installer and a whole lot of other linux distros.

what new to open source want is the graphic click and go install, anything else is to complex.

My issues with the bsd installer are the parted tool used for the partitions and the lock on which partitions can be used. I was trying to install freebsd, and it wouldn't let me specify a pre-existing e2fs boot partition to be used. I wanted to have it multibooted with the several linux distros, freebsd wouldn't allow use of a non bsd partition at all.

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It is good they finally realise that being open source is killing them.

by NZ_Justice In reply to Open BSD Founder Decries ...

"Many companies that work with open-source projects are motivated purely by self-interest rather a fundamental belief in the value of community-developed software."

They should abandon the open source "free" concept and go commercial. Commercial corporations take advantage of "free" open source and use it to make money for themselves. Sony have done this, IBM are doing this, Microsoft are doing this etc...

They should just remove there FTP links and get people to order the cd, or only supply the FTP links if a donation is made. eg. this guy won't let you download the software unless you donate 5 US bucks

To boost profit maybe they should seek corporate sponsorship.

Sounds like Theo de Raadt needs to go to the dragons den.

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What a pillock

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Open BSD Founder Decries ...

He gives the software away free and then wonders why most people don't take the route that involves paying for it ? Wonders why corporates don't ? Try finding something other than the media and a box to sell for fs sake.

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