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Open excel File in A1 Cell

By mdhislam ·
I have large file in excel. when I open the file the cursor opens where I left and save with. I need the cursor to open always begining cell A1. Is it possible?

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by G... In reply to Open excel File in A1 Cel ...

can't you just go back to A1 when you save. You just have to press ctrl-home just before click the disc or ctrl-s.

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by zimonar In reply to Open excel File in A1 Cel ...

Always, before saving your large file, click on Edit, Go To. In the Go To dialog box, type A1 in the Reference type box and hit Enter. You are in cell A1. Save your file.

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by Pedro.V In reply to Open excel File in A1 Cel ...

Rather simple really.

Step 1, record a macro that does what you want to happen when you open the workbook.
in your case, select a certain worksheet and go to A1...

Step 2, make this macro run when the workbook is opened: here's how

1. On the Tools menu, point to Macro and then click Visual Basic Editor.
2. In the Project Explorer window, right-click the ThisWorkbook object and then click View Code on the shortcut menu.
3. In the Object list above the Code window, select Workbook. This will automatically create an empty procedure for the Open event.
4. Copy paste the code from your previously recorded macro in the sub for the Open event.

now every time this workbook is opened, the macro will be executed.

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by wchaster In reply to Open excel File in A1 Cel ...

Press the control key and Home together, then resave the file. Excel remembers the cursor position at save, this applies to every worksheet. If you want every worksheet to be at the Home position - cell A1, then got to each worksheet and use cntl+home.
Note that to shift between sheets with the keyboard you can cntl+Page Up (Right tot Left) or Page Down (Left to Right).

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