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Open GL problem

By Cornishman ·
I am working on an AMD Duron 800Mhz running Win98se. I have reformatted and loaded and get a fatal page error every time I run the Open GL query. I get the same error if I select any of the 3D Windows screensavers (any others are OK). The machine runs onboard graphics (SIS) and I have tried default bios settings. If its any clue, when I run msconfig, nothing appears in the Config.sys ? ? I have also tried reformatting and reloading again. Any ideas???

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by CG IT In reply to Open GL problem

couple of questions first. What version for DirectX are you using? What version of Open GL? Does the onboard graphics card have drivers that support Open GL version. Have you run the DirectX diagnostics?

note: W9X O/S's are not DOS [though are DOS based in nature]. Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files in W9X O/S may appear empty or do not appear as one would normally see in setting up a DOS based computer like the old 486's.

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by Cornishman In reply to

Thanks - see below

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by TheChas In reply to Open GL problem

Me thinks that you need a few drivers.

Start with the chip-set drivers for the motherboard. Make sure that the AGP mini-port driver is installed.

Then, check the notes for the video driver and verify which version of DirectX is supported / required.
Do NOT install a newer version of DirectX than the one supported by the video driver.

Install the correct version of DirectX.

Then, install the actual video driver from SiS.

If you still have Open GL problems, you may need a more powerful video system.

You may be able to get some help from
Their site is loading very slow at the moment so I don't know what they still have.


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by Cornishman In reply to

Thanks to you both for heading me in the right direction. I decided to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut and installed a separate graphics card. "Viola"....problem solved. OK, its not fault finding - but the customer got his PC back quicker!! Thanks again.

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by Cornishman In reply to Open GL problem

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