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Open message to other TR members

By jck ·
I have had to set my profile setting not to allow anyone to email me from TR.

Why you ask?


One of your fellow TechRepublic members has sent you a private message:

From: gattilorenz@...
Subject: null


In a previous message, this user requested that I sent them disk copies of my IBM Xenix software as well.

Although I know Xenix is ancient and antiquated, I still refuse to copy/pirate that software for anyone...even my own mother.

Hence, I apologize if you don't have a way to contact me following this. However, I had to stop the emails I was getting from this person (8 in a week). I tried not replying, but this person kept sending.

If you need me, post something somewhere and I will peer mail you back.

But, I am tired of being spammed.


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Someone's got a

by The Scummy One In reply to Open message to other TR ...

crush on you JCK :^0 :^0
8 emails in a week from 1 dumba$$, that seems like the stalker type. Maybe you should reply to this loser with a disposeable account and spam the f**k outta them
Or post this losers email address, I am sure that someone will sign them up on every porn site available :^0

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oh my lord

by jck In reply to Someone's got a

I hope not.

I already have 3 girls have a crush on me, and that doesn't count the ladies here on TR :^0

I have thought about doing some things to this person's email, including contacting their mail provider and having their account removed for trying to get me to violate IBM's copyright (cc'ing IBM of course) to get them to stop.

But, I figured I would just take the passive route...and stop the bleeding with the least attrition possible.

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Do I count?

by cupcake In reply to oh my lord

As one of those TR ladies with a crush on you?

Anyway, I think that is very magnanimous of you... I have been recently the victim of retribution and it's really annoying. I am sure that it wasn't someone from here (I think an old flame), but either way, not a pleasant thing.

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oh now, cupcake

by jck In reply to Do I count?

you have been nothing but soooo sweet to me...

and well...I didn't know that you have a crush on ya?

and what does Mr. Cupcake think of it? :^0

and oh my, do I fear the stalker-types. I haven't had the alarm system put in my house yet

thank you

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Of course!

by cupcake In reply to oh now, cupcake

And you have been nothing but a gentlemen to me! That's a rare quality in this day.

So, of course I have a crush on you! [blushing]

Mr. Cupcake? LOL... no such guy. Well, not anymore, anyway!:-)

Actually, I moved halfway across the country thinking I could shake my stalker, but he is still around on the fringes. Does something every now and then just to keep me wondering. You know? Sigh...

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no Mr. Cupcake?

by jck In reply to Of course!
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by jdclyde In reply to Do I count?

a simple black listing took care of your abuser?

I hate when people do chickensh|t stuff like that.

I admit, the worst I ever did was sign up the guy my ex was having the affair with, for lots of gay porn. B-)

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Maybe you can assist?

by cupcake In reply to Hopefully

So, what this guy has done most recently, is use my very coveted email address to sign me up for 'surveys'. That and he attempts to hack my web storage every now and then (attempts to change the password until it locks him -and me- out until I change the password).

Most annoying, but I won't part with my email address.

Any other advice is sincerely appreciated.

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Report him to his ISP.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Maybe you can assist?

Forward everything you get from him to his ISP's customer service department.

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Ah, but he's very stealthy

by cupcake In reply to Report him to his ISP.

Okay, first let me say that I *think* its this guy. I have no real proof other than this is totally his M.O.

Second, I don't have his email address! I should add that he is very secretive and is good at remaining undetected.

So, reporting him to his ISP won't work. But thanks Palmetto!

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