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    Open minded and objective


    by luyasu ·

    – A BOLF Case Study –

    Business Operational Logistics Framework

    How can companies change their technical operational strategies to enhance the drive to optimise the convergence towards IT2Businesss strategies and maintain and sustain the integration?

    There is no easy answer to this. But discoveries show that IT implementations and views on the implications of information and communications infrastructure modifications require a change from the ?in-the-box? thinking strategies to support new and changing business goals. To function within a Business Operations Logistics Framework to support all required methodologies that allow the departments to strengthen the inter-departmental and team communications. Operations need to be business-technically driven and guided by an empowered group of a governance structure.

    The Information Technology tool required to house such a Framework needs to be flexible, scalable, allow for central administration, management level reporting and allow for all levels of operations overview. Combine all existing company?s application tools for operations? and administrative logistical processes into one, implementing with the maximum of the companies standard technologies to maximize a return on investment.


    Andrew Reets

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      For All!!

      by luyasu ·

      In reply to Open minded and objective

      Which ICT enabling technology within the ISP/ASP/TELEPHONY/CARRIER SERVICE/MOBILE/MEDIA sectors do you feel would permit a S.M.A.R.T platform to foster a pragmatic governance for the next 20 years that business would better benefit by applying a BOLF? If oppose, I invite you to discuss.

      The technical facts are already written. Hence, deduce by balancing technology and its business and technical strengths (let’s assume we know the negative aspects) to deduce the answer.

      We do not deny the benefits of CABLE or xDSL, but will we prepare for wireless?

      I have posted on TR, on the subject of wireless.

      You must consider the environment. What safeguards would you place? In respect to the law, what ethical approaches must we adapt to harmonize eloquently both real and virtual worlds?

      FOR ALL!

      Andrew Reets

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      Technology Role

      by oldefar ·

      In reply to Open minded and objective

      No matter how much we may love technology ourselves, we need to keep it mind that it plays a support role to business.

      Expectations from technology were oversold in the last decade. I think business leaders are skeptical of IT initiatives now, and expect measurable results linked directly to their business objectives.

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      Symptom of the Problem

      by jackofalltech ·

      In reply to Open minded and objective

      Although I don’t think I’m qualified to comment on the content of this post (Since I don’t understand it), I feel compelled to say that this kind of quasi-scientific language is a symptom of the problems facing businesses today. Maybe I am getting old but I long for the days when people ‘said what they meant and meant what they said’. Could someone please translate this post for me? Thanks


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