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Open Office: works great, any reason to use MS Office?

By robo_dev ·
I was skeptical at first, I have been using Open Office for a couple of months, and for me it works great, and, of course, the price is right.

Has anyone here used it a lot and found some horrible fatal flaw that sent them running back to MS Office?

For me the native PDF import/export feature is a huge advantage.

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I think

by seanferd In reply to Open Office: works great, ...

that unless one is using the rather advanced features and VBA capabilities of MS Office, OO is fine for most uses. Unless, of course, you are in a position where MS Office is required for X the Unknown Reason. (E.g., my nephew had OO docs rejected by his college's system or instructors, somehow. Had to shell out for MS Office. Ridiculous.)

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Never had a problem with it

by NickNielsen In reply to Open Office: works great, ...

But I'm not into the serious scripting. I use it for basic document creation, 2-d spreadsheets, and the occasional presentation, and that's about it. Oh, and, of course, exporting and importing PDF.

I've run into the "MS Office required" issue with my son, also. We have OOo (at that time 2.6, I think), configured to save in Office 97/2K/XP formats by default. His teacher was both dinging him for using the wrong format AND giving him his work back saved as .docx, so he couldn't review it on his laptop. He was bringing it to me to open in Office 2K7 on my work laptop, but half the files wouldn't open. I took a day and went down with him to meet with the instructor. When the instructor couldn't open those files either (OR the copies he had locally, he stopped changing the file format when he saved them.

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That's right, that was the other drawback.

by Oz_Media In reply to Never had a problem with ...

Their power point clone was really limited in functionality compared to what I'm used to. I do a lot of advanced timing, tween motion etc. in PP and OO (forget what their PP was called now) just fell flat in comparison. again though, it's great for the home user or user with limited needs.

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'Impress' is the OOo presentation software

by NickNielsen In reply to That's right, that was th ...

OOo 3 is a long way from those early releases. Although still not up to all the capabilities of PowerPoint, the current version of Impress is more than sufficient for all but the most advanced users.

And, even though drive space is cheap, so am I. OOo files take up sooo much less space than the identical file in MSO...

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Just one reason

by Treker In reply to Open Office: works great, ...

Several other programs we use still link only with MS Outlook, so we do need at least that in the office.

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Yup had to go back to MSO

by Oz_Media In reply to Open Office: works great, ...

I used to use it and thought it was great. Then I started working with spreadsheets others had sent me and they looked terrible, formatting was lost. Formulas, what formulas!?

OO only handles VERY simple formulas, OO formatting is often lost when opened in MS office and vice versa. It's a nice idea, especially for a home user to make up their own fuel reports, write a few letters etc. (people who would generally find MSO overkill) but beyond the simplest use it just couldn't keep up. Now I'm back to MS Office, 2007 and have no more issues.

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Great information, everybody

by robo_dev In reply to Yup had to go back to MSO

Lots of good knowledge here....

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I've just had a user who couldn't open a

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Open Office: works great, ...

Excel 5 Spreed Sheet on OO well I suppose she could but 30 minutes + to open wasn't really an option.

Seems that she had added a lot of Complex Formula's to the sheet not to mention that it's big. Takes 2007 10 minutes to open it so that's what she's using for now.

However if she wasn't into Overkill so much it may not be so much of an issue. She made the original so complicated that it took it's Original Program ages to open and over the years it's got slower.


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I figured out a long time ago

by NickNielsen In reply to I've just had a user who ...

Just because Excel will let you create 65,534 rows and 256 columns per worksheet (over a million rows and 16,384 columns, now) in 256 worksheets per file doesn't mean you have to. In almost 20 years of using Excel, I don't think I've ever exceeded a thousand rows, and I know I've never exceeded 25 columns. The most worksheets I've ever had in a file is somewhere short of 30.

If you need all that data in one place, use a farkin' database.

Unfortunately, the end user quite often does not understand this, and, in effect, does this to Excel:

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tee hee

by seanferd In reply to I figured out a long time ...

I remember that Snopes article! LOL.

Yeah, some people just refuse to dump Excel for Access. And then they have a million questions about how to get Excel to do <i>x</i>.

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