Open old Lotus and Quattro Pro files in Excel 2007

By gtwatson77459 ·
My company migrated to Office 2007 with Excel 2007. I have some old spreadsheets with the extensions WB1, WQ1, and WK1 from old versions of Quattro Pro and Lotus IIRC. I asked our IT dept if there is a converter out there and they were less than helpful saying I needed to find and install the old software and save the files in Excel format. I don't think Excel was around when I was using Lotus in the 1980's so I doubt that it had a SAVEAS function to convert to XLS format.

Is there a cheap way to convert the old WQ1 files to something Excel 2007 could open? I searched the web and found a couple that claim to do it but the trial version makes the formulas into text and numbers. I want the formulas to translate. I also tried Open Office which someone said would do it but was not very successful. I found a Gnumeric that will open one of the formats but not the other two. I was thinking of getting the free trial of Correl's Office suite that has the new Quattro Pro in it but I wonder if the trial version will open the whole sheet and save it to an XLSX format file.

Has anyone done this? As big and powerful as MS seems to be, it seems to me that they would be able to open any spreadsheet as far back as Visicalc.


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by seanferd In reply to Open old Lotus and Quattr ...
Excel will open these files, of certain versions, with some limitations, if you have the proper bits of Excel installed. It is part of the insrallation options, and can be added any time.

The versions of the Lotus and Quattro files might help here. have any idea?

Could you open them in a prior version of Office? If so, find an older version of office, open those files in it, and save as...

Of course, other software out there should also be able to do this. A search (use the obvious terms from your post title) will turn up various solutions.

The old files aren't password locked, I hope.

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Tried installing missing parts

by gtwatson77459 In reply to Probably

Thanks for the link, but it referred to Excel 2003. I went to CP and installed all parts of Office 2007 and tried to open a WQ1 file from 1999 Quattro Pro and it still thinks it is a text file and will not open. For Excel 2007 I did find this page at MS:
And it basically says that Excel no longer supports Lotus 123 or Quattro Pro file formats among others. For the money my company paid to upgrade 10,000 users to Office 2007, I would think that MS would support all old formats. I guess I'll try getting Correl's latest trial to see if it will open my old files.

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Got a Solution

by gtwatson77459 In reply to Tried installing missing ...

For those reading this thread with the same problem, there is a fix. I went to the Corel site and D/L'd the X4 trial version of WordPerfect Office which is fully functional for 30 days. I was able to open my old spreadsheets and save them as Excel 2003 XLS format which are easily opened by Excel 2007.

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by seanferd In reply to Got a Solution

Glad that something worked for you.

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try open office

by ken In reply to Open old Lotus and Quattr ...

I don't know if it will work for your situation but I have had alot of luck with open office.

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Tried it

by gtwatson77459 In reply to try open office

I got Open Office and tried it first but it would only open up one file format (can't remember which one)and it lists Q Pro 6 files as being in the list.

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