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    Open Ports on Exchange Server


    by jlbpotter ·

    I have Exchange 5.5 running on NT4 SP6 server. I am not very familiar with TCP ports so I would be glad to get some assistance on this. I am using a program called Active Ports that views all open ports on the server and what they are connecting to. I am getting a lot of them that using the msexcimc.exe which is part of Exchange. A lot of these though are connecting to public IPs that I am not associated with. The program shows that they are using either TCP or UDP and connecting to varying local ports but the remote port is usually port 25 which I know is SMTP. The state of these connections are constantly changing. I get the following connection states: “Established, Listen, Syn_Sync, etc.” I can do an nslookup on these IPs but it doesn’t tell me much. A couple of the IPs that are connecting are,, If anybody could give me some pointers on figuring this out I would appreciate it.

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