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Open Source alternative

By Jaqui ·
to Dreamweaver?

how about S.C.R.E.E.M.

Just a couple of things SCREEM is missing, asp and support.

and some templates.
[ like most of those ]

But for a code view only website development and maintenance tool, it is definitely worth a look.

With built in support for CVS, site publishing, XML editing, and most scripted languages, it is actually a fairly decent tool.

The biggest real drawback is that it required the gnomevfs libs to function. Though the developers may migrate it to using fuse instead.

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i am going to try and look at open source tools...

by jck In reply to Open Source alternative

over the summer.

i figure with 4 dual boots now...and a dedicated linux machine (old music editing machine i setup with midi and all), i should start looking at programming and website building in the Linux world.

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The biggest

by Jaqui In reply to i am going to try and loo ...

difference in the tools is that the linux based tools all promote working with the code. The drag and drop and wysiwyg tools are very limited.

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