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Open Source Databases..Does anyone care?

By Ramon Padilla Jr. ·
Obviously, Open Source is the pet topic of trade mags these days and Open Source Databases are no exception. The question is - "Does anyone actually give a hoot about these databases or is everyone so wrapped up in their own established databases that it would take an act of Congress to make them switch?" What about you? Have you even looked at Open Source alternatives? Are you waiting for them to mature? Not paying attention at all? Waiting for Oracle to go Open Source itself? Or is Open Source just so much noise and is easily ignored?

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they are popular

by sergey In reply to Open Source Databases..Do ...

Open Source databases ARE very popular -
check for MySQL (probably MOST popular DB in the world) and POSTGRESQL - they are Open Source

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Light weight and fast

by info In reply to Open Source Databases..Do ...

I am using MySQL for many years and I am also using Oracle and Sybase. I am very happy with the performance of MySQL and in benchmarks comparing it to Oracle on the same hardware it was quite a bit faster. These tests were made on a big enterprise system with millions of records and we were surprised at the good results. I believe it is a very good alternative to expensive databases that eat your wallet and hardware. MySQL is Fast, Reliable and Free why would anyone use anything else. Evan Yahoo runs on MySQL, which should be a good reference.

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Very happy with Firebird

by chasAFD In reply to Open Source Databases..Do ...

I switched from Interbase to Firebird when version 1.0 was production released (2 years now?). It has performed quite well and has proven to be very robust. It's full featured, has an active development community, and is very mature. Purchase an admin tool (e.g. Database Workbench from, <$200) and you're in business.

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