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By linux003 ·
This is the time for Open source software.It reduces our development stress.This is very nice approach.Because anyone can use it.Meanwhile we have to consider about technical support whenever client requires.Eventhough the client depends a vendor who redistribute the open source software,the client may not get the proper feedback.Because it all depends upon core team.I mean OSS development team.All the queries can not be answered by that vendor.

If these kind of technical support is possible and given by core team directly,then OSS will get another advantage to reach lot of people.Anybody can involve in core performance.But its not easy for support.

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One thing about FOSS

by j-mart In reply to Open source software

Is the quality of much of this software. The many who, for the shear joy, and challenge, who produce OSS deserve all the credit they can get, for the many fine applications they produce. Much of their offerings provide the only viable choices and competition preventing the complete monopoly in some types of applications. Along with this this code being open has saved many hours of work for others who have been able to use and adapt some of this code for other applications. One thing, I see as an advantage with OSS is, if anyone writes an OSS application, they put their own name on it, and their code is there for their own peers to see and pass judgment on. If you are going to do this you have a big incentive to produce your best work. If you are another cog in the corporate wheel, obscure and at the whim of the corporate bean counters, would this environment bring out your best work.

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No, the only real way to get open source support

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Open source software

is to contribute.

The community can help, but the only thing you can truly rely on is your own skills and knowledge.

With a popular standardised product, you can get away depending on others solving problems for you, but you'd be a complete eejit to expect it.

Anyone who expects a vendor to solve a problem for them is an even bigger fool of course.

Nobody values anything that is free as in beer, except beer of course.

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community support

by linux003 In reply to No, the only real way to ...

I am also giving stress for community support.Hence the end user(anyone) of OSS may not touch with community.Because its not needed for them to solve the issue related with OSS and its enough to aware the usage of OSS.
It should be done by technical guy of an organisation who has capability of understanding about the OSS structure.At this point that techical guy should get support from the vendor or authorised technical establishment.This vendor or authorised technical establishment may expose their desire and result after consult with community.This is the cycle of support.

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Joining in is the thing

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to community support

if you have a problem and solve it and there wasn't any help in the community.
Post it.
If you got stroppy buggers, post it as a newbies guide.
If your technical knowledge, comes up with a better way or a potential improvement to the core product then by all means tell the 'vendor'.

If you are capable of coming up a solution or even a good question, you are a technical guy.

When all is said and done you may end up with a non-standard solution, something that should be avoided if possible. It may be that you have a non standardd use though, it's open source so you have that choice.
Post it to the community anyway, tommorrow there may be two or three of you.

The key though is to become part of the community, not simply leach off it.

The whole point of open source is to get what you want and need out of it, if you aren't prepared to contribute, all you'll get is what others want and need. Unless you want to go it alone and be effectively unsupported.

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