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Open Source Sucks

By Cosmic Ray ·
In the past few years I have been developing using Open Source software in addition to proper software. As a software professional I have to report that Open Source is junk. It's difficult to install, full of bugs, has no real standard of design and can't have been tested. All OS documentation looks like it was written by monkeys. It's all amateur rubbish - no wonder it's free! Let's stop wasting our time and give up on Open Source. Who's with me?

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Who's with you? EDITED-Give it up, people; he's a troll

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Open Source Sucks

None of us running Firefox, that's for sure. Neither are those hundreds of companies running Linux as an embedded OS.

Perhaps you'd care to name specific applications that displeased you. Many of your complaints would apply equally to proprietary programs.

EDITED - Troll. Toss out an inflammatory statement with no intention to reply, then leave. Screen door, and all that...

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With the exception of the "free" part

by NickNielsen In reply to Open Source Sucks

You have just described Microsoft Windows...

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Everything has it's own degree of

by Michael Jay In reply to Open Source Sucks

suckitude, I have yet to find something software wise to really rail about, well except for the I tunes interface, and that is proprietary software.

Some specifics about what has your boxers in a wad would be nice.

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Wait - you've been developing open source,

by seanferd In reply to Open Source Sucks

and you think it sucks?

Never mind.

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by Robert Przybylowicz In reply to Wait - you've been develo ...

Seanferd You made me laugh. Thanks!

The only part of the Open Source Software that I can't stand, are those snotty nosed, living in Mom's Basement, drinking Monster, or what ever it is they drink Nerds. The way they praise Ubuntu, Fedora,

It is not superior, it's just all you anti-socials just know the code more.

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Best to just ignore those types.

by seanferd In reply to LOL

And use what works for you.

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Sour Grapes?

by TheChas In reply to Open Source Sucks

Sounds like the choice to use open source over commercial software was not yours.

I would have to say that the consensus in our office is that open source is superior to commercial software. Most of our developers and many of our end users wish the company would stop using commercial software and switch to a full Linux and open source shop.

Not to imply to open source is perfect. Nor, is there an open source option for every application.


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yes, because Internet Explorer

by .Martin. In reply to Open Source Sucks

is definitely the BEST browser available!

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Agree 100%

by dogknees In reply to Open Source Sucks

When will they get it!

Real software has complete detailed documentation. Not just raw class/member/... listings, but a full discussion of each class and member with all options listed and accurately defined. Formal syntax and semantic charts for languages.

Real software has example code that works. Not something you have to spend three days and 8 hours of online research to get working.

Examples should work out of the box. The code that creates the examples should look at the configuration of the software and determine where they should go and what linkages/settings have to be in place for them to work.

The fact that a system/library/... has to co-exist with other software is no excuse. It just means it's harder. Standard means of determining versions, conflicts and the like should have been the first things written and standardised by the open source community. Where are they?

The fact that the rest of the industry has dropped it's standards to match those of open source doesn't mean that standard is now OK. It's not. It just means all those vendors are now producing sub-standard products like the open source crowd.

Please note, I am not saying open source software has no merits. I'm saying if you want people to use it instead of proprietary systems, it needs to be documented, packaged and deliverred in a professional manner.

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OpenBSD? FreeBSD?

by tbmay In reply to Open Source Sucks

Pure crap huh? No standards? Poor documentation?


Now there is plenty of shoddy open source software. But you're painting with such a broad brush you let me know you're either trolling or you just plain don't know what you're talking about.

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