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Open Source VPN solutions

By Choppit ·
What open source VPN client/server solutions are being used by TR members for road warrior access?

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by Jaqui In reply to Open Source VPN solutions
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What is this NT stuff?

by stress junkie In reply to tightvnc

I noticed jmgarvin using NT some time ago. Now you're using it. What does it mean?

$ wtf NT
Gee... I don't know what NT means...

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by Choppit In reply to What is this NT stuff?

I've wondered about that too. I just looked it up, apparently it means "No Text"

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by Choppit In reply to tightvnc

Do you forward over SSH or use some other method to connect to the remote LAN?

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depedning on the remote system,

by Jaqui In reply to SSH

tightvnc has builtin ssh.
( was designed as a secure vnc server and client system )

if using tightvnc is out of the question, then only work vnc through ssh and rfb.
( rfb for those that get lost in console. )

using insecure methods defeats an important part of the network / system design, that of keeping confidential data confidential. :)

and yup. NT = no text.
( meaning post title answers question or comment alone )

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SSH built in?

by Choppit In reply to depedning on the remote s ...

Are you sure about TightVNC having integrated SSH? I always understood that (currently) the SSH tunnel needs to be set up separately or at least that's what the docs suggest.

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by Jaqui In reply to SSH built in?

the only time I set up tightvnc was with mandrake's tweaked, user friendly version.
they may have added the step to start the ssh session into it.

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Open Source VPN on

by jeb.montgromery In reply to Open Source VPN solutions

I found a group of open source VPN solutions at they have a search engine just for network security...

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by nick In reply to Open Source VPN solutions

Check out openvpn can be found at

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by Choppit In reply to Openvpn

OpenVPN looks like it may meet my needs. At the moment I'm using an MS PPTP server which works great for my Windows clients but I've had limited success with the Linux PPTP implementation. Besides this if I can implement the VPN server on Linux I can retire another Windows server in favour of Linux. :)

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