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Open the WS2K3 discussion

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Take this opportunity, network admins and support pros, to post your Windows Server 2003 questions, enter comments about our WS2K3 e-newsletter, and offer suggestions for future tips.

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Its still vapor!

by djent In reply to Open the WS2K3 discussion

Lets wait for the gold BETA and we will have something to talk about.

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It's already been released.

by Curt Geiler In reply to Its still vapor!

Windows Server 2003 was released on April 24, 2003. I've been testing it since Beta 1 and have upgraded two servers so far.

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software assurance

by jlemay In reply to It's already been release ...

anyone know if it's covered under software assurance? I have four licenses for "Windows 2000 server" covered under software assurance, but when I check at , they don't list 2003 server as the current version yet.

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by felicio In reply to software assurance

The software assurance will give you right to request new versions ( to request it contact your sales representant. More information in

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it is.

by fred In reply to software assurance

I baught 2 2k3 eOpen Licenses and I Ask, and they said that If I had baught the software assurance, it would have been covered. I think you'll have to renew it every 3 years.

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Have you run into any quirks?

Just curious, in production environment, have you experienced any troubles with Server 2003? We have a mixed environment with NT 4 and 2K servers, would like to upgrade to 2003, but no money to buy servers to replace the NT 4 boxes.

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Need to evaluate your current apps

by hillsa In reply to Have you run into any qui ...

I have the 2003 Eval kit installed on a server and tried to install SQL 7.0, I was promptly informed that it was not supported by 2003. I am willing to bet that any version of Exchange before 2000 is not supported either. The best bet is to determine the use of the server and if you want/need to purchase an updated application for it. Also, watch out for the licensing snafu you could get into with any new desktops down the road.

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by djent In reply to Need to evaluate your cur ...

Any OS prior to W2K cannot connect to it either. Start your upgrade spreadsheet now and don't forget the hardware. Do you see a recurring pattern here?

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So far no problems

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Have you run into any qui ...

But we are only in the trial stage and 2003 Server is more an evolution rather than revalution from 2000.

We still have quite a few NT4 boxes about but this is mainly because a specalised program won't run on the 2000 or 2003 versions and at present there are no plans to rewrite this program.

But from my impressions so far if you can use 2000 2003 will be easy there are some more security features but the main stumbling block is still IE 6 as it had a security flaw in it on release that has just susposelly been fixed but so far I haven't had the time to actually check just how good the patch works other than not having any problems in installing it.

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Exchange 2000

by Steven-s In reply to Have you run into any qui ...

Exchange 2000 is entirely not suppported under server 2003
Microsoft KB321648

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