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    Open USMT2.UNC


    by pspiersy ·

    I was transferring one(1) file to a Kingston data traveller. Clicked on the key and every file on “My Documents” got sucked up into one file. Somehow, I managed to get it downloaded to my computer. It is in the form of USMT2.UNC, USMT2.ING, and IMG00001.DAT.
    The file is 1,661, 310 KB. Windows uses “Notepad” as the default for opening the file. Notepad will cannot handle a file that size.

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      Re: file

      by kees_b ·

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      That looks like 3 files, not 1. I doubt if opening any of them in a text processor like Notepad, will help.

      My suggestion: delete these files on your PC and try again to copy that 1 file to your data traveller. Then delete those 3 files from the data traveller also.

      Just a tip for later, if applicable: never use cut and paste, always use copy and paste, or (depending on how you do it: never use move, only use copy).
      And another tip, if applicable: backup, backup, backup. When done, you’ll never lose data.

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      Re: USMT2.UNC

      by kees_b ·

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      I googled “USMT2.INC” and got a lot of hits about the File and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP. Did you happen to activate that by accident? Then try to find out how to restore it. That’s probably the only way to get the data out of it. Might need some googling. I’m afraid very few members here will be able to tell you with Windows XP being 21 years old and not sold after 2007.

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      This is why we use replacements for Notepad.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Open USMT2.UNC

      Not addressing what this file is but for Notepad I install Notepad++ if I need to work larger files.

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