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OpenGL or DirectX???

By Norehca ·
Now I'm sure this question has popped up before, "What Graphics Renderer should i use? OpenGL or DirectX?". Along with an answer I'd like ot discuss both the differences, and what each is good for.

I am a true gamer, its what i do. I built my computer specifically for gaming. I have herd all over the place that OpenGL is better than DirectX in many areas. In my experience OpenGL sucks! I've used it on several games and the framerate is horrible! So why are so many people rooting for OpenGL? Ive herd its a plus when it comes to 3d apps such as Maya, Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, etc.

So, which do you like btter and what are each good for???

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It all depends on...

by TechExec2 In reply to OpenGL or DirectX???

It all depends on your specific needs. Here are some articles that should help:

Direct3D vs. OpenGL: Which API to Use When, Where, and Why (2002)

OpenGL vs. DirectX: A Comparison

Comparison of Direct3D and OpenGL

Direct3D vs. OpenGL: A Comparison

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eh, doesnt answer my question

by Norehca In reply to It all depends on...

I have read all of those and none really answer my question. They simply give facts about each but dont tell what is good for, they simply talk about how OpenGL is better suited for 3D apps, but that doesnt help me. It talks of the features it has over DirectX, but nothing on performance. I need a straight answer out of this, maybe something like DirectX is better used with video games, hence Linux isnt the best OS for gamers or, OpenGL is in fact alot better and out-performs DirectX and i would recommend it to Gamers.

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If you are targeting Windows users

by JamesRL In reply to eh, doesnt answer my ques ...

then Direct X offers a rich feature set - especially when you look at Direct X 10 specs. Windows gamers overwhelmingly use Direct X over Open GL. This wasn't always the case, but if you look at the current hot games, many of them don't even offer Open GL, and of course Direct X is mandatory.

On the other hand, many non game 3D developers prefer the OpenGL world. My assumption is that with fewer features (that a 3d graphics app doesn't need) it would be faster and also be easier to port to other platforms like Linux.

Does that help?


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Wondering why noone will give you a straight answer?

by robertstar20 In reply to eh, doesnt answer my ques ...

... it's because there is no straight answer. Much like Windows vs Linux, Intel vs AMD, and NVidia vs ATI, each one has it advantages and disadvantages. You have to look at the requirements of whatever you are writing, decide what features you need, and look at which API feels more comfortable.

As for performance, the wikipedia article suggests that there's no clear leader. Of course, performance depends on the quality of the software, drivers, and hardware as well -- your bad experience could be due to any of the above. I personally use OpenGL because I use Linux, so my hands are tied.

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As you gain more experience...

by TechExec2 In reply to eh, doesnt answer my ques ...

"I need a straight answer out of this, maybe something like DirectX is better used with video games, hence Linux isnt the best OS for gamers or, OpenGL is in fact alot better and out-performs DirectX and i would recommend it to Gamers."

As you gain more experience in life and work, you will find that there are few things that are absolutely black or absolutely white. There is a lot of gray out there. To be successful, you must analyze and make good decisions for yourself, and correct quickly when you find you have made a mistake or conditions have changed right underneath you.

You cannot simply analyze and design when writing software and be sure of getting a good result. You must often develop prototypes, experiment, "hack", reanalyze, rework, redesign, rewrite, etc. It is essentially never a straight line to the finish line.

The straight answer you seek will be the end product of your work on your project.

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bad hardware choices

by gyromechtech In reply to OpenGL or DirectX???

software today can make onboard video chips
look like top of line state of art expensive
3D graphics chips or externally-plugged-in
3D graphics cards. you failed to mention in
your careless explain which hardware used in
your so-called testing of Grendering. maybe
in the future you will do as the Pros do and
list completely what you use to test these
areas of coreware. else you're just wasting
my time cluttering up my computer w/garbage.

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Regarding hardware choices...

by GentleRF In reply to bad hardware choices

While that is important in defining a potential performance bottleneck, it isn't the be all and end all of the equation. As an example, I have a PowerTower Pro Mac clone running a PowerLogix G3 at 1GHZ and a GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon 9200. Does this give me a performance boost, yes it does. Would I use it for gaming development, **** no. The performance botlenecks aren't in the CPU or GPU, but they are in the frontside bus. I do have two faster bus machines but nothing I would use in gaming development. In my opinion, developing a game requires a balance of what you have vs. what the targeted customer may have. What you use, DirectX or OpenGL, will also affect your target audience. Cross-platform, OpenGL. Windows only, DirectX. And therein ends the lesson. *smile*

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Just curious

by Dumbterminal In reply to bad hardware choices

If the OP had said that in his experience ActiveX sucks, would you have posted with equal vehemence?

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