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Opening an HTML page and controling it

By giansel30 ·
Hi evryone.

I am not sure this can be done in ASP but I will ask anyways, maybe someone know how to do this.

I need to open a new window of explorer which contains a <form> and fill in the fields on the form. I need to do this to automate form filling.

Today I do this by going to the URL and getting the HTML code of the page. Then I process the text of the HTML code and insert value=<myvalue> to the form fields. This problem is that by doing this I am calling a script of my own so when I press the submit button the web site knows the page I am submitting the form from is not on thier servers.

If anyone know how I could open a window in explorer using ASP and go through the <input> fields on that page so that I can fill them in, I would be very grateful. I am not sure this can be done in ASP.


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