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opening Bios within Windows

By shirlee ·
How can I reset Bios? My F1 key doesnot work to open Bios at startup with my windows XP home addition on my gateway computer! Please help.. :)

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by Roy Penfold In reply to opening Bios within Windo ...

Easiest way is to open the PC up. There should be a jumper that is open that can be closed to reset the Bios, then power the machine up (remembering of course to reset the jumper once powered). If not, removing the battery with the machine powered down normally works.

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by TheChas In reply to opening Bios within Windo ...

Do you want to reset or adjust your BIOS settings?

If you can't access BIOS setup I would ONLY reset the BIOS settings if I was having a BIOS related problem.

Remember, when you reset the BIOS, you get the default settings which may not be correct for all of your hardware.

You need to hit the BIOS setup key while the RAM is testing. Between the video card splash and when the BIOS starts enumerating devices.

Are you sure that F1 is the correct key for your PC?

Some BIOSes use the Delete key, others use the Esc key.

Check the support pages at Gateway for your specific model to verify which key is correct.


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by TheChas In reply to

Just a thought, are you using a USB keyboard on a PC with PS/2 ports?

If so, the BIOS may not be able to see the USB keyboard until after the POST and device enumeration is complete.

Hook up a PS/2 keyboard and you should be able to enter BIOS setup.
If there is an option for USB legacy support, you can enable that so that your USB keyboard will be able to access BIOS setup.


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by ctrservices In reply to opening Bios within Windo ...

F1 is the correct key. Why not just borrow a keyboard from a friend (they are also quite inexpensive to purchase, also).

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by noggin_the_nerd In reply to opening Bios within Windo ...

Are you sure it's F1 key for Bios? Some comps use DEL or ESC - just a suggestion
Or does your F1 key simply not work at all? Test it by pressing it when PC up and running - you should get HelpCentre.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to opening Bios within Windo ...

Unless it is a USB keyboard the F1 should work if that is the right key actually. The most commonly keys used are the DEL & F2 but a lot of the current crop of keyboards use the Function keys for more than one thing and have an extra key to toggle between actions for the Function keys this is a very common thing today.


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by rachid.bensouna In reply to opening Bios within Windo ...

Hoop this is of any help for you or others. You can clear the settings using the commmand prompt.

Please visit the following url for more deails:


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