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    opening jpg attachments


    by lanadmin ·

    I have a PC running XP Home SP1 and Outlook Express 6. Within OE, I recieve emails with JPG attachments but when I try to open them with OE, a message is displayed stating that no program is assoicated with the file and to create one within Folder options. If I save the file to the hard drive, I can double-click the file within Explorer and the file opens which tells me the file association is correct. Does anyone have any suggestions so I can open the attachments within Outlook Express.

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to opening jpg attachments

      What program opens the jpeg from Windows Explorer?

      Many programs “steal” the file association and prevent IE or Microsoft Picture and Fax viewer from opening the file.

      To repair the ability to view image files in OE, you need to have IE be one of the applications that is allowed to open jpeg files.

      Try right clicking on a jpeg file and select open with.
      Choose Windows Picture and FAX viewer.
      Check the box to make this the default application for jpeg files.

      Depending on what program stole the jpeg association, and how it edited the registry, you may need to make further changes.

      I’m not sure of what keys to add/change on a XP system to correct this.


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