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Opening Office attachments from Yahoo! mail

By clemery ·
I have XP Pro, MS Office 2003 and use Yahoo mail. When I try to open a Word or Excel attachment from Yahoo mail, nothing happens if I don't already have the corresponding program (Word or Excel) open. I can save the attachment and then open it, or I can open Word or Excel first and then choose the "Open" option after downloading the attachment, but Word and Excel won't automatically open when I choose "Open". I have verified that in "My Computer" "Tools" "Folder Options" "File Types" the program associations are correct. This is just an irritation, but it used to work and now it doesn't. I can't seem to find an answer - help!

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Try This

by BigAbe In reply to Opening Office attachment ...

See if changing the browse in same window option may help to force it to open the office program:

1. Open My Computer.
2. On the Tools menu (or the View menu), click Folder Options (or click Options).
3. Click the File Types tab.
4. In the Registered file types list, click the specific Office document type (for example, Microsoft Excel Worksheet), and then click Advanced (or click Edit).
5. In the Edit File Type dialog box, click to clear the Browse in same window check box (or click to clear the Open Web documents in place check box).
6. Click OK.

Possibly issues with recent microsoft office patches or recent changes in yahoo.

network slowness or yahoo slowness.
Sometimes attachments may take a long time to download and call to open the office app. Try clicking and waiting for a few.

I really cant think of anything else. I hope some of this helps your issue.

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Tried it - no luck

by clemery In reply to Try This

Thanks for the advice, but no luck....

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Opening Office Attachments from Yahoo Mail

by bashe1921 In reply to Opening Office attachment ...

I had that problem also. My daughter got that problem taken care of. She did the following:
Go to
Control Panel

Default Programs

Associate a file with a program

Programs are listed, so each MS Office part was looked at. Several had two possibilities for default, Office 2010 and 2003. 2010 was preloaded and I had installed an old copy of
2003. So 2003 was chosen as the default. Now I can open email files as I always did.

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