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    Opening Ports in a Wireless Linksys Router


    by maetaris ·

    Ok heres my question hopfully someone can help. I just currently bought the new GTA IV for Xbox 360, to make a long story short I can only connect to friends I cannot connect to anyone else. Any other game I own I can connect to other players. I contacted the Tec support team for the game and they sent me a email concering what to do, this is all that was sent:

    Please open the below port in your router.

    Xbox only uses port 3074(UDP).

    Now I know a great deal with networks and computers but for the love of god I have never once in my life opend a port. How exactly do I do this..

    I went into my router and brought up the tab for port triggering or something like that and I typed in the number given but it never saved. What exactly does this “TO and FROM” mean and then theres a IP address at the end that says all the 8 #’s but the last one I can choose ((which is marked as a 0)) what do I put in for that number?

    Can anyone help? Thanks.

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