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opening word attachment

By s11k01 ·
Hi all,

I have been having problem with sending a word attachment to my boss. I have send it using Outlook Express, to numerous receiver, with Word document attach to it.

All the receiver does not voice a concern of opening it, however my boss keep on complaining that he unable to open it. He does not want to save it first before opening, he just want to open it immediately and read it.

Any idea why he unable to open this attachment? By the way, he is using web-outlook to check his email.

Thank you,

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by vak042 In reply to opening word attachment


It may depend on your webserver. It have to support that service and make sure no errors happen when use it.


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by Twalib In reply to opening word attachment

Which version of outlook express is your boss using, If he using Outlook Express 6 below are the settings that has to be done:
1)Open Outlook Express
2)Go Tools
5)Under Security you will an options which says do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus
6)By Default it is checked, Un-Checked that option
7)After un checking click on Apply, Then OK
Try opening an attachment if it doesn't work out try restarting outlook express.

Best of Luck!!!!

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by davebkelly In reply to opening word attachment

This is quite simple really. If your boss is using OWA (Outlook Web Access) then he will HAVE to download it to read it.

Effectively OWA is a remote web page. The attachment must be opened locally and so needs to be downloaded to your boss's computer before he can open it.

If he used Outlook then the entire email (and its attachments) would be downloaded automatically to the local mail store but with OWA........its not local.

So... if he wants to read it and not download it..... get him to use Outlook or Outlook express.

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by zimonar In reply to opening word attachment

Sometimes it's a huge document; it depends on its size. Separate your document in 2 documents and send it to him each document alone.

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by s11k01 In reply to opening word attachment

Thanks a lot every one, I got the same idea actually that he would need to initially download it first before opening however he is one difficult user, kinda hard to convince he using another way other than he normally used. Fingers crossed though :)

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