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opening word document

By cruzvljr ·
running in P-III 450Mhz, 128Mb RAM, winxp pro, office xp pro. when i open a word document from WORD 2002 sometimes it hangs sometimes it does not. what do you think is the problem? another problem with the office xp pro is the power point. it hangs everytime you open it. please help me.

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by Lizzy In reply to opening word document

I would first suggest that you install more RAM. Windows and Office XP are resource hogs and for a PC that has your specifications, it can seem like you're using a Pentium 100!

Make sure that all your documents are stored locally on the hard drive and not on a network or disk drive before opening.

Delete all temp files, cookies and temporary internet files (run disk cleanup). Defrag the drive.

When the hang occurs, see if CTFMON is running which is alternative user input. I have found that this really hangs Windows 98 and Office XP configurations, but if the users aren't using Dragon or handwriting recognition, it's not necessary. Remove it as per MSKB article 282599.

These are a beginning. Hope this helps.

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by donmars In reply to opening word document

128 Mb ram?! With XP Pro?! Running Office XP Pro?! You can't be serious. Whenever it hangs whatelse is running in the background? Whats showing in the system tray as starting up? (tray on right) GET MORE MEMORY NOW!

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by donmars In reply to

Oh also, how large is your hard drive? Is there enough free space on it for the page file?

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by PaulP In reply to opening word document

You didn't mention if your system has all WinXP updates and patches, or if you had all Word and/or Office updates and patches. Please be specific.

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by Bobsta In reply to opening word document

Right click my Computer, left click Properties, left click advanced, click settings tab under performance, enable adjust for better performance. This should free up some resources for your Office applications.

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