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Locked vs. Paid Office Suite such as Microsoft Office Suite. What a

By techdenroy ·
Pros/Advantage of using
The Pros of using it is free to download, use and distribute. Reads all major competitors’ files (read: can open and save Microsoft Offices’ .doc, xls. ppt formats) Available across many platform: Windows (XP, Vista, 7) Linux, and Mac OS.
Cons/Disadvantage of using
The Cons of using no user support or free toll- free number for help when you need it. The software is developed by the community. Files created by both and Microsoft Office won’t display exactly 100%.

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Just one observation here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to vs. Paid O ...

Even Microsoft Office doesn't support opening files 100% correctly when what you want to open was not created in the version of Office you are currently using. So if you where to upgrade from one version of Office to another there is no guarantee that the files you made in the Old Version will display or print as you intended in the new version.

This is the same across most of the current Office Products. Though Word Perfect and Open Office are better than Microsoft Office at this as they are much more likely to open documents created in older versions of their products correctly than Microsoft Office is. But then of course the more complicated you make any document the harder it is to open that Document in anything but what it was created in.

The big Problem here is that Word Processors where never designed for large documents they where made for smaller/simpler documents and there where specialist programs available for the large/complicated Documents which have all since fallen by the way side as people use Word Processors to do things that they where never designed to do.


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one was

by Jaqui In reply to Just one observation here

WordPerfect was designed for larger documents, with one click formatting for publication printing and one click alignment [ the make it fit ] it was obviously designed to support very large documents, such as books.

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OpenOffice is great

by sTarRep34 In reply to vs. Paid O ...

Unless you need a feature with is only found in Microsoft Office, why would you want to pay for word processing software.

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