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Opensuse 10.3 vs Sata hard drives

By dhuffine ·
Alright so my windows machine at work died, corrupted files and instead of just reinstalling windows since I have 4 terminal servers here I figured I'd just access my email from a terminal server and install a Linux system to govern the network. First it took me like 2 days to e even get Linux installed on this machine simply because its running an 80 gig sata hard drive. Took me hours beyond hours just to find out I had to switch the boot to a generic loader in order for it to even see that sata hard drive.

So I finally got it installed, did my updates, ejected the CD rebooted the machine, and BAM "No OS to boot".. COnfused.. Stick the DVD back in, got to the install screen, choose to boot from hard disk instead, loads grub, loads Linux Find.. No DVD = No OS? any ideas?

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Jumped the Gun

by dhuffine In reply to Opensuse 10.3 vs Sata har ...

A little to quick to search for help, just on a whim I loaded into Dos and found out that my SATA was disabled, and PATA was enabled, and CD was primary boot device. SO lets switch this to an educational thing, as I have noticed there are many posts across the Web on how to get OpenSuse 10.3 working on a Sata drive, so I will list all my steps below which helped me greatly.

How to Install OpenSuse 10.3 On Sata
1. Put in DVD
2. Boot up computer
3. Load into BIOS
4. Locate Boot Devices
6. Shut off SATA as a boot device, even though this is where you are going to install Linux.
7. Make sure CD/DVD is primary Boot device and PATA is secondary (even though theres not on present)
8. Save, Exit, Reboot, get to Install options for Linux.
9. At install screen press F5 and select "Safe Settings"
10. Run through your install. Once you have completed the whole thing, done your updates, and had a little fun reboot your machine.
11. Load back into BIOS
12. Reactive Sata as a bootable device
13. Set Sata as the primary, CD as the secondary, and Pata (if applicable) to the third one. (this is option for the most part, if you use your CD as a respiratory (in case its not online) then you don't want to have to deal with the boot menu, all thats really important is that you have Sata reactivated in case you don't have the CD in place.

Thats pretty much it,

*Note* not sure if its just for me, but so far I haven't been able to figure out why OpenSuse 10.3 doesn't like to shutdown on my machine it will get to the very last steps and then just stall. I've even let it sit there for 2 hours and it doesn't move. So I just power it down at that point. Doesn't happen at home, only seems to happen with my Sata computer.

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