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openSuse 11.1

By Jaqui ·
Well, the developers for it admit to their incompetence.
" can't use GRUB with XFS filesystem "
Why is it that EVERY distro that defaults to GNOME has this error?
The non GNOME distros can apply the XFS patch* to grub and boot from XFS partitions.

To make it worse, openSuse supplies a BROKEN option for Lilo. They can't even have the other boot loader option work.
Definately complete incompetence.

Then, the criminal stupidity of defaulting to end user password for system administration purposes. Just like Ubuntu they think that using a password EXPOSED by NON SSL logins on websites for system admin is a good thing. It is criminal stupidity. They at least have the option to use the root account, to bad they have the default option backwards to a SANE option, which Canonnical refuses to offer for Ubuntu.

Now add the stupidity of having to install a webserver, mysql server, ftp server and TWO email servers in order to install an application to EDIT website scripts. WHY? There is no reason to think all those are REQUIRED to EDIT a script.
Yes, 2 email servers, they default to sendmail, until you try to add a website editor, then they ADD postfix as well.

And, what is Novell App Armour for? Suse being the only distro using it, this is obviously some bit of junk that needs to be killed off.

Then, they force you to install a bunch of proprietary malware, like Flash, Java, .NET support.

when it failed on installing Lilo, the entire installation was deleted. opensuse never even made it to first boot they screwed up that badly.

* patch is INCLUDED in the official sources release:

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