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OpenSuSE v10.1 is excellent!

By stress junkie ·
I've been running Novell OpenSuSE Linux v10.1 for a few days now. Here is some information about my installation and first impressions.

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by xstep In reply to OpenSuSE v10.1 is excelle ...

I also had the "thrill" of installing Open Suse 10.1. I also loved it at first boot but became dissapointed with it in the end. In fact, I'm attending a Novell Conference next Tuesday. I'll have a few things to say too! But for me I guess I expected more from Suse. I love and hate Yast! Configurations are slow and bualky. I had to fix all kinds of things to secure and get things to work the way I wanted. I was not about to recompile the kernel and try not to on most Linux systems today.

Fedora is #1 with me and Ubuntu/Kubuntu is #2. However, I try to look at a Distro though the eyes of a new user. This would make Ubuntu #1 and Suse #2. Adebt is the fastest app installer I have used and works very well. Deb Repo's are easy and one can find good help on configurations. PC-BSD is very impressive with it's PBI installer! I look forward to the progress of the BSD OS.

Anyway nice review.

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Yeah. My blog talks about troubles I had with 10.1

by stress junkie In reply to Re:Suse

I look at it like this. I can start with SuSE and strip it down to what I want, or I can start with Slackware or Gentoo and build it up to what I want. Either way it's a lot of work. The nice thing about SuSE is that you could run it straight out-of-the-box which should appeal to newbies. The thing that I thought was most remarkable about SuSE 10.1 is that once I fixed it the software ran really really fast. See my blog about "fixing" the video card driver. It runs faster than Gentoo that I custom compiled to exactly match my CPU (AMD Athlon XP 2100+). I suspect that it is the kernel version (2.6.16). Maybe that is a particularly good kernel.

I haven't run Red Hat since v5.2. That's not a typo. I just checked the installation CDs. Yes, I still have them. It's been a very long time since I looked at Red Hat. I played with Debian for about 8 months. Good distro, just not my style. My "other" distro is Gentoo. It's a lot of trouble but it's a lot of fun too.

The main thing is that we're running Linux.

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About Suse and the Yast issue

by intj-astral In reply to Re:Suse

I feel your pain with the Yast issue because I just went through it and prevailed. There are updates, word is out that there were problems with it in the 10.1 release but patches are already out. I've patched and it's going well.

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