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    openvz help?! anyone?!


    by r_o_l_a_n_d ·

    i formated my box with suse 10.2 and installed the latest openvz kernel for suse, as well as a precreated template.

    i could create/start the VE now normaly though with one prob!

    theres no Yum, apt-get,wget in it!
    its empty!
    i tried downloading rpms through the node to the root file on the ve, and then rpm -Uhv inside.. but theres a whole lot of dependencies!
    i managed to get a few by installing a few packages, but theres a lot more!

    is it normal to have a template without such crucial elements?!
    or is it some bug! or..!

    any advice on how to solve this issue would be appreciated:)

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