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Openware v5.0 Arcade Classic Game Pack

By Dr. Engineer Jim ·
I downoladed this software freebie from Tech Republic (Openware v5.0 Classic Arcade Pack), saving the installation program (Arcade-5[1].0.exe) into my Installation File, rather than setting it to run. Immediately upon installation, (my computers are running Windows XP Pro) it attempted to install a Trojan (nsis media extention trojan) into my system. Fortunately my anti-spyware program (SpySweeper) immediately caught and quarantined it. The arcade program ran ok with it's trojan file quarantined, but wouldn't recognize or log my scores except for my name. After running the program a few times while off the internet, I logged on to the internet and ran the games again. This time it displayed some weird scores, but still wouldn't accept mine. Then I logged off the internet, and deleted the trojan file from the SpySweeper quarantine file. Then I deleted the Arcade Program from my computer, using the program's delete tag. In the process of deletion, it attempted to dial up the internet, and also attempted to modify my SpySweeper settings to restore the trojan and allow it to run! This verifies the old adage that one should be very careful when installing software from unknown sources, especially free programs, and be sure that your anti-spyware and firewall programs are running, and up to date.

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oh, so that's where it came from

by Kiltie In reply to Openware v5.0 Arcade Clas ...

I had AVGs Anti Spyware flagging a nsis type adware after installing this, but as I had installed some other programs as well, I wasn't sure.

The Adware isn't malicious, according to a Google search. It is Adware.bho and resides inside krnsvr32.dll in SYSTEM32 folder.
I moved the DLL out of there, to desktop and targeted it with other anti malware progs, yep, it was the culprit all right.

Uninstalled the Classic Arcades games pack

When uninstalling it connects to the 'Net, obstensibly to get the reason why you did so (customer feedback?)
Also checked (via MSCONFIG) and found an unnamed entry in the start up group. I removed that, so didn't get the reinstall problem you had.

Even so, non malicious it may be, but I DO NOT LIKE ADWARE being installed on my machines, unless I permit it (some freeware programs require adware, provided I know and accept, that's ok)

Shame on you TR

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