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Opera still does it better

By rlmtech ·
Microsoft certainly has made some much-needed improvements in IE 7 -- at least, as indicated in the preview of the beta version.

But Opera has been doing all of that for some time, and generally does all of the things shown in the beta better than the preview suggests IE will do them. For example: IE 7 can delete your entire browsing history in a keystroke. But what if you don't want to delete ALL of your cookies? Or would like to retain your typed-in URLs while deleting the sites-visited history? Opera permits the user to be quite selective in this area.

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I like Opera too

by stress junkie In reply to Opera still does it bette ...

I use Linux so IE isn't even on my radar for personal use. I've been using Opera since v8.0 debuted. I think it's great. The only thing that it can't do is use the fancy shmancy blog editor here at TR. I have to use Firefox for that. Otherwise I use Opera.

One thing that I really like about Opera over Firefox or Mozilla is that Opera will zoom the entire page. Firefox and Mozilla will only increase the text size which ruins page layouts.

Opera is pretty good. I'd still like to find something better but Opera will do until then.

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Actually when IE say's it's deleting all your

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Opera still does it bette ...

cookies it's lying it's *** off. Same for emptying the cache, and I aren't even going to mention ....
Must confess I've n't looked at Opera for years, happy with Firefox at the moment.

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IE7... The jury is still out

by Toastydoc In reply to Opera still does it bette ...

I installed IE7 Beta to compare it to the newest version of Moz, and i have to say that Moz is still better. IE7 just looked... incomplete.

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Well,Its microsoft isnt it??

by stargazerr In reply to IE7... The jury is still ...

Microsoft is suppossed to look incomplete. After all the spywares and anto-virus manufacturers have to stay in business, havent they ??

Happiness isnt the only thing on life

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Firefox, too

by apotheon In reply to Opera still does it bette ...

Firefox does all that better than IE, too -- and has the same sort of fine-grained control of things, which I like.

Aside from the fact that, just like every other graphical browser under the sun, it's more crufty and crashy than it needs to be, the only thing I dislike about Firefox at the moment is the fact that I have to actually parse the cookie-handling exceptions list by eye if I want to find something specific for which I don't know the precise URL. That gets pretty friggin' old. It needs a URL/URI search feature for that.

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IE's Real Problem

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Opera still does it bette ...

The problem with IE has nothing to do with it's strengths or weaknesses as a browser. The real problem is an optional application like a browser should not be an integral, non-removable part of an operating system.

The last time I tried Opera it still had the advertising. I didn't mind the concept, but some of the ads were very annoying. I haven't had a reason to try the new one yet.

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Doesnt Opera sit atop IE

by w2ktechman In reply to Opera still does it bette ...

I thought that Opera sat on top of IE, giving it a different look, feel, and options. Is this not true? Last I tried it only took 20 seconds to download and another 30 seconds to install, this would be very small for a program. Firefox takes a long time to download and install, which makes more sense due to the complexity of the browsers.

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No . . .

by apotheon In reply to Doesnt Opera sit atop IE

Opera is an entirely separate browser. There are several IE-modifications out there that are exactly what you're describing -- like SlimBrowser, Avant, and iNetAdviser. Not Opera.

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