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Operating System Cannot Be Found

By tommysessions ·
Thanks for the answers, but I still don't understand why the original hd w/W98 won't work now. I don't quite understand how to operate this said if I needed further instructions to contact him...well, I can't find a way to do that. If you would, contact me at: Thanks, in th Lord, Tommy!

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by dmiles In reply to Operating System Cannot B ...

The hard drive are built with different components that are movabble,they will break down causing the hard drive to become inoperable

To contact a TR member use the email address they provide,open your email and compose a message use the email address in the send to box

Have a Nice day

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Operating System Cannot B ...

TR has a Peer Mail option all you need do is click on the users name and that will take you to their Profile and from there you can just click on Send private message.

That will allow you to privately contact a TR Peer off the general Pages.

As for your other problem when you moved the drives around it's possible that the Win 98 Drive attempted to load the necessary drivers for the new Hardware and that corrupted the system or more likely you have forgotten to go into BIOS and reset the HDD so your Win 98 Machine is still trying to read the other HDD and will not recognize the original HDD. Also did you change any jumpers on the HDD's in question so that they are seen as something different?

It's possible that instead of being set to CS Cable Select that the jumper has been set to Master or Slave and the Drive Cable doesn't recognize the drive when it was replaced because it is now on the wrong plug of the IDE Lead.

It's also possible that the jumper has been removed completely and that is also causing your problem. If you changed the Jumper Setting you'll need to look up the proper settings on the Drive Makers Web Site.



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