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Operating System Cannot Be Found

By tommysessions ·
Thanks to everyone that has replied to my problem. As it turned out, it was the IDE was loose at the mother board...guess I did that when I was changing the hard drives. I pushed it in, and left the W98 hd in there and it's working. Thanks, again, In th Lord, Tommy

Now, does anyone have any ideas why the mother board won't read a wireless chip? It's a D-Link DWL-G520M Wireless 108G MIMO Desktop Adapter. No problem, I'll just shoot myself. I love my job.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Operating System Cannot B ...

you mean it won't show up in device manager? do you have any yellow bangs or question marks in device manager? what happens if you delete those and Refresh Hardware? if it still won't see your nic, try another slot or try removing other cards (if you can) maybe you have a resource conflict. do you have any older cards that might have hard fixed interrrupts (another nic or a sound card perhaps).

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Operating System Cannot B ...

And don't forget to Close the Questions when you have an answer to your problem. That way you get 1,000 Tech Points.

As for the Wireless PCI Card if the computer will actually boot with it in all you should need do is swap it to a different PCI slot.

If there is no marks beside it in Device Manager then you'll most likely need to install the Software that came with the Card. Remember that when you originally installed the Card all you have done is install the drivers once these are installed you need to install the software to go along with the Hardware.


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