Operating system doesn't start -- Need Help

By manishna ·
I've got a Windows XP machine that was working fine until yesterday. By itself, the Fan started up, and the machine lit up as if it were powered up. But, the only thing that seems to be running is the fan.

I am unable to boot the machine. In fact, the only way to turn the fan off is to cut the power supply all together from the wall. Once I plug it back in the fan starts up, but no operating system runs. I am unable to start the operating system altogether. I have checked all of the cords and everything is connected properly.

Has anyone seen this before or have any idea on what the issue could be? Thanks!

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Few question

by wancona In reply to Operating system doesn't ...

Is there any beep code that occurs? Anything displays on the screen at all? Are the actual physical drives receiving power?

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Operating system doesn't start -- Need Help

by manishna In reply to Few question

Thanks for your reply!

There are no beeping sounds or no displays on the screen at all. Once plugged in, the Fan powers on, and the only way to turn that off is by unplugging it. It doesn't seem like there is power getting to anything else, because i don't hear anything working in the background upon plugging it back in. Is there another way to tell if the phycical drives are receiving power?

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Yes I have

by tintoman In reply to Operating system doesn't ...

Seen this many times as have all and any pc support techies.
There are many things that might have caused it but the chances are this will turn out to be a power supply failure or perhaps there was a power surge or lightning strike or something.
You will need to test each individual component for damage but on past experience you are looking at least a new power supply and motherboard unless you are the luckiest person in the history of the world.

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by wancona In reply to Operating system doesn't ...

I agree with Tintoman, you would more than likely have to replace the powersupply and/or the motherboard. The easiest way to check the powersupply is to replace it with a known good powersupply and see if that solves the problem.

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All of this is true, but what power supply do you replace,

by ComputerCookie In reply to Operating system doesn't ...

you will need to open the computer (unless it is still covered by warranty) to identify the original power supply and what is the model number for the Mother Board in case that power supply is no longer available.

If you are covered by warranty don't open the case.

If you have no warranty and have Home Contents insurance, post back and I will give you some advice.

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