Operating system for work, as opposed to app-oriented commerce ecosystem

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We're sourcing a new laptop for our daughter who starts college in the fall. The university recommends anything running a relatively new version of Microsoft Windows or Apple OS. She is familiar with Windows and uses Office 2010 interface and Windows Vista on her 4-year-old Dell Inspiron. She likes her Dell and wants a new one; there are Mac users in the family and she has never liked them, so Dell/Microsoft it is. Is there an easy way to use the latest version of Windows and avoid this app foolery?

I run Windows 8 on my work machine (no touch screen) and find it the most annoying human interface I've ever encountered, bar none. My problem is that Microsoft has optimized it for interfacing with entities that sell things--it's a market ecosystem rather than a work environment. We're all used to this with our smart phones (iPhone), but frankly it seems an affront when I'm sitting at a desk trying to do work.

My daughter knows she will be learning a new interface and has several weeks before school starts to get used to it. We may have to buy into an extended service agreement as her university computer store does not have an offer that includes onsite warranty maintenance for 4 years like some other universities do. The plan is that she'll have a useful computer for 4 years. In terms of price, we are comfortable in the mid-high range; should we spring for a touch-screen version or not? Should we buy into the annual licensing arrangement of Office 365 or stick with Microsoft Office?


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Try Apple.

by mrgeek.1974 In reply to Operating system for work ...

Personally, I recommend Apple computers any time things touches the serious business like long-running studies or commercial tasks. Windows can be fine, too, but try a "stable" edition such as Windows 7 and stick to standalone software instead of brand net-wired apps. These principles are working. Good luck!

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Stick to Windows

by ivor4 In reply to Operating system for work ...

I just saw this and I know I may be late, but hopefully it helps.
You can still purchase a windows machine with Windows 7, if you do not wan to go to windows 8 yet. Windows 8.1 does have the ability to boot into the desktop instead of the "Tiles".

As for Office 365 you can purchase the home edition. If you need to stay current with software, it will cost you less in the long run than having to purchase the full program every time they release a new version. Office 365 will also give you the ability to use the web apps for Word, Excel and email.

As an alternative, and a good one, you could also run Google Apps, Look into the Google apps for education.

Depending on your needs you would have to decide which way to go.

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