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operating system not found

By lakhvirk ·
My laptop hard drive apparently crashed and I got it diagnosed by professsional that it has failed, advised to get a new internal hard drive and reinstall with recovery disk. So, off I went got a internal hard drive, connected it and went into BIOs boot to CD/DVD and the above error appears. Appreciate if anyone could help me out... badly need a laptop for my last semester in school and can't afford to pay IT profs to install... thanks.

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Incorrect operation

by power zhu In reply to operating system not foun ...

operating system not found means that you boot from hard drive, not CD/DVD, so you didn't set CD/DVD as first boot device, or you forgot to save the changes.
If these operations are correct, you'd better check whehter your CD/DVD is OK

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If you have a new HDD fitted it shouldn't matter what the Boot Order is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to operating system not foun ...

You should be prompted to press any Key to Boot From CD and you need to press and Key on the Keyboard to allow the system to start the install process.

After you fitted the new HDD though did you open the BIOS and check to make sure that the computer had actually seen the newly fitted HDD and was correctly identifying it? Also when you exited the BIOS did you tell the system to Save Changes?

If you didn't do either of these the system will still be attempting to map the new HDD as the old HDD and that could be the problem here.

Of course if you formatted the HDD before fitting it to the Computer or attempting to Install your OS whatever that is you will get that Error Message because the Hardware is attempting to boot from the HDD and it can not find any Operating System to boot from. When you change the Boot Order in BIOS you need to Save the Changes as you exit the BIOS or the changes are not maintained and when the system attempts to restart it reverts to the old configurations.

You naturally need to have a Working Install Disc inserted into the Optical Drive and if the First Boot Device is the Optical Drive in BIOS either the Install Disc is not Bootable or damaged or the Optical Drive is not working. Open the Optical Drive and look at the Data Surface of the Install Disc if there are any scratches, finger prints or discoloration on it you either have to clean it or replace it depending on the condition of it.


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Original Mfg recovery disk?

by oldbaritone In reply to operating system not foun ...

The reinstall must be done from the ORIGINAL Manufacturer's Recovery Disk, for that machine.

Copied disks often will not boot.

If it is original, try to select "Boot Menu" during POST and choose the CD as the boot device.

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