operating system not found

By mia-_green90 ·
i brought this laptop yday, it is used, i was on it for a couple hours, i clicked on some program on the desktop (something like registry), it told me to restart so i did. now it says operating system not found. how do i fix the problem?

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Recovery disk?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to operating system not foun ...

Did you get the original installation disks with the laptop, or the Recovery CD? If you did, with a bit of luck you may be able to install the operating system and the bundled applications from the Recovery CD(s). Sometimes the initial installation file is stored in a separate, invisible Recovery partition on the hard drive.

The user manual which normally comes with a new laptop should have the instructions how to use the Recovery CD or how to restore the laptop to its initial state from the Recovery partition. If you did not get the user manual but have access to another computer, you should be able to download from the manufacturer's website, based on the model of the laptop. Look for the page for Support and Downloads.

Please note that doing a Recovery does not mean that you will manage to save your data, on the contrary. The hard drive will be overwritten and the system will start from scratch.

Also, depending on the age of the laptop, you will need to apply a number of service packs and security updates, which require a fast broadband connection, or knowing someone who has the service packs on a CD.

If you know people with IT expertise, they may be able to run a repair installation of Windows, depending on the version of Windows you have and if the CDs and the Windows product key are available or not.

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by mia-_green90 In reply to Recovery disk?

i didnt get any disks or manuals with the laptop. im not bothered about the data as i have just got it and theres not much on it. however i dont want to lose windows cp.

at the moment ive tried a disk check it gets to 8% and does nothing. ive tried safe mode twice and again it isnt loading

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i cant get onto any of the safe modes either

by mia-_green90 In reply to operating system not foun ...

it either freezes the screen of loads writting up then stops. why isnt it woorking? please someone help

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boot your computer from the cd

by Jesus_C In reply to i cant get onto any of th ...

at the very start when you press the power button.When the cd loads , select set up windows xp , then f8 and finally press r to start the repair.

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i cant because..

by mia-_green90 In reply to boot your computer from t ...

i havent got a cd

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That could

by Jesus_C In reply to i cant because..

be a problem.You'll probably need that.

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